Tarjetas de Cumpleaños en Inglés [ORIGINALES]

Los cumpleaños son algo de lo que nadie se salva de celebrarlos; podríamos decir que es una celebración universal… Así como lo son el Castellano y el Inglés.

Estos son de los idiomas más hablados en el mundo actualmente, dándole oportunidad a quién le practique, de felicitar por cumpleaños a cualquier persona – Sin importar que esté al otro lado del globo

tarjetas de cumpleaños en ingles

Tarjetas de Cumpleaños en Inglés

Ahora, no podemos decir que ya nos cansamos de hablar Español, pero de vez en cuando, nos gusta hacer estas cosas… Un poco distinto.

Porque felicitar con Imágenes y Frases de Cumpleaños en Español, ya no era tanto un reto. Now, you can send them: the Best Birthday Cards (Ahora, puedes enviar: Las Mejores Cartas de Cumple):

  • I’m really glad I got your genes. You are as great as you ever were and probably getting better! I’m looking forward to aging as well as you!
  • No one told me it was your Birthday today! It stunts me like a bomb blast on my face. Still… I can wish you the best of the best, for today and the rest of days.
  • You are like a big figure to me. Have never met someone with such quantities of love and Willpower into such a tiny body… I hope you know how to celebrate birthdays, too.

tarjeta de cumpleaños con mensaje en inglés

  • Hope… A strong word, that few people even understand the true meaning behind it. Just as that, I really hope that you
  • I don’t want to be a Killjoy, but it wasn’t you the one who slammed that wall with its face? If you aren’t, it would be a coincidence… That’s such a horrible birthday face.
  • I used to think who was the prettiest boy/girl on this city… Now I know that you are. But is not for an exterior beauty, but for the interior marvelous you are, my birthday precious.
  • Happy birthday to you, baby… Just as that toy, on that movie used to say: Our love extends to Infinity and Beyond.

torta de cumpleaños que dice happy brthday

Postales de Cumpleaños en Inglés

Don’t send it to everyone. But send to those who were great with you this entire year, to your family who are always taking a care for you, and all the bday people who deserves great things – Everyone.

Traducción: No se lo envies a cualquier. Sólo a quienes han sido buenos contigo este año, a tu familia quienes siempre cuidan de ti, y a todas esas personas que están de cumpleaños que merecen cosas buenas – Todo el mundo.

  • May your loot be epic and your cake, delicious. The very best of dads deserve the very best of birthdays!

mensaje de cumpleaños en ingles

  • You were, you are, and will be, for the entire course of this life, the best partner to ever lived. I wish you the best on your birthday!
  • I’ve opened the vault of memories and what a surprise! You are in almost all of them… Hope that keeps like that, my birthday boy/girl.
  • My eyes were lucky to see you for the first time, my mind for keeping a track of you in its memories, and my heart for receiving all the love you shared. The best wishes to you, birthday king/queen.
  • Probably you won’t forgive me for not attending your birthday party – I am/I was too tired to get out – but this is birthday post is just for that.
  • I know we have something special and very hard to find elsewhere > Loyalty. I will always love and trust you, birthday boy/girl.

torta de cumple happy birthday

Tarjetas de Cumple en Inglés

Dicen que no hay nada más sabio que un anciano, nada más tierno que un perrito, ni nada más bueno que las Tarjetas de Cumple que nosotros regalamos – Hoy, en Inglés.

There’s nothing more to be said, so let’s keep the birthday gifting.

  • Dad, you may be getting one year older, but just remember you are only as old as you feel. Party it up on your special day like you were 21!

tarjeta de cumpleaños en ingles con hermoso mensaje

  • People used to say that a Birthday Party always reflects the personality of its owner… Now I know why in yours, we felt such serenity and happiness.
  • I don’t have anything bad to say about you… Your emotions are crystal clear, just as your ease to share it with me… Have a great birthday!
  • I hope you have the happiest of all the birthdays. Is your family going to cover your face into creampie, or I have to visit you to make that possible?
  • I had the temptation of sending to you, the most expensive gift in the store, but started to think better, and got into the feeling that a Birthday Post would be great too.

tarjeta de cumpleaños en ingles con mensajes y frases

  • There’s not such a thing as a Brother/Sister similar like you. Hope to keep this adventures with you, and to be together for at least 100 hundred more years.
  • I always remember that day… The lucky day when I first saw you, when you open my eyes. “God, Please, bless Him/Her,” I said.